Retrivers kennel Balkanika

Retrivers kennel, Balkanika, registrated at Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) at number - 4339, is owned by familly Jovanovic from Belgrade in Serbia. At this moment we have 3 female and 4 male labrador-retrivers. Dogs are from English and Scandinavan blood line, have extremely good appereance and posess high quality working characteristics, which is the primary goal of our our kennel.When it comes to expertise, mating, choosing breeding dogs, selection of puppies, preparatios for dog shows, work competitions and of course complete training,

Jovanovic Dusko is in charge.


  • Cynology judge for exterier VII FCI group (retrivers, �water� dogs )
  • Long term guide and dresseur at Serbian Ministry of Inner Affairs in following fields: tracing, defence and attack, patroll duties and discovering explosive materials
  • Official dog trainer liscenced by Serbian Canine Federation
  • A long term hunter of small wild animals, retrivers and bird dogs (since1993)
  • A long term guide and competitor with retrivers on oficial work competitions - About US - About US - About US - About US - About US - About US - About US - About US - About US - About US