Defence and attack

This area of training has put stress on agression training, according to your needs, that is, the purpose for which the dog should be used. But just like the fact that not every man can be a good fighter and a worrior, not every dog can be a good housekeeper and a working dog. That is on one side determined with the breed (official dogs: german shepard, rottweiler, dobermann, schnauzer...) and on the other hand by genetic enheritance. When buying puppies for this reason you must be sure to buy it from a kennel which is into work cynology.
When buying a young puppy choose them when they are between 8-12 months, for at that period, their guarding potential can be tested.
This programe contains several fields:

Basic programe

  • Working with dummy sleave (independence, bite quality, grasp strength)
  • Reaction to preassure and hits
  • Reaction to shooting
  • Long attack - braveness check up


Is upbilding of a basic training level and presents working on development of dog"s independence during object or space guarding without a guide. After this type of training the dog is capable to guard alone and stop any unknown person from entering the "secure" space without command, thus representing maximum security and protection. One of the most important points of this training is to teach the dog not to take the food from a stranger.

Patrol duty

Ideal program for companies, but also for individuals. It is a higher level of training in which all attention is directed towards achieving maximum control over the dog:

  • stopping a fugitive to run away on a command
  • helping the person search while attentively guarding
  • leading the person (side and frontal)

Sportly training

Done by the programe for official dogs isued by FCI and thus accepted all over the world. There are 3 levels - IPO 1, IPO 2, IPO 3, depending on the level of previous training. Every of three mentioned levels has following training: attack and defence , obedience and tracing. Dogs trained by this program must pass exam on work competitions after which they can be taken to exibitions of working class dogs and to competitons in Serbian championship for official dogs. - Defence and attack - Defence and attack - Defence and attack - Defence and attack - Defence and attack - Defence and attack - Defence and attack - Defence and attack - Defence and attack - Defence and attack